If you have purchased something from me or partipated in one of my orders, I’d greatly appreciate you leaving feedback for me for others to see when they buy from me.

Please leave your feedback as a comment on this page. Be sure to note what it was that you bought from me and how you felt about the service I gave to you!

Thanks in advance. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Karen says:

    I ordered touken ranbu-related cushion and tapestry from her and they were shipped to me in perfect condition! I was caught off-guard by the extra sticker that came with it too haha.

    I forgot to keep track of the days because I’ve been busy but this in turn came as a pleasant surprise when they arrived faster than I had estimated.

    I would also like to say seller has been patient and helpful with me when I encountered payment issues. Should I have goods I’m interested in and she’s opening orders for it in the future, I would definitely buy from her again.

    Thank you!


  2. Dahlin Frances Aguilar says:

    I ordered two photo sets of the Hyper Projection Engeki and I was very surprised when they came earlier than I expected!

    This is the first time that I made contact with a seller (proxy) by myself and she is very accomodating and helpful with my requests. A trusted seller (proxy)! 👍 I will definitely order more if the opportunity opens up again!

    Thank you very much!!!


  3. Lindeberry7 says:

    I ordered numerous items from the Hyper Projection Engeki (pamphlet, photo sets, poster, tote bag, photo sets). She was great at keeping me informed on what was going on and a delight to interact with (: Shipping only took about 5 days and everything arrived in perfect condition. I look forward to ordering with you again in the future 😀

    Thanks so much again for all your help!!!


  4. I ordered parkas from the Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu, and although we weren’t able to get them from the first showing Josie attended, she continued to try multiple times!! Her dedication to her customers and timely email updates reflects her great customer service. The pricing is also reasonable, and when the products arrived, they were securely packaged. On a personal level, she’s friendly and a pleasure to talk to. I would highly recommend her to others and would definitely use her services again.


  5. ina says:

    I ordered a manjuu from an ensemble stars group order. It arrived a lot faster than I expected and in top condition. The communication was also very fast, I never had to wait long for an answer and overall I’m super happy with my purchase 🙂
    Thank you so much!


  6. Shannary says:

    Very nice seller! She responds very quickly to emails for me living in the US (PST) and she’s living in Japan. She’s also very nice and takes her time to communicate to you if you have any questions. I ordered Haikyuu Stage Orders and it took 7 days to arrive including the time it took to go through customs. Highly reccommend!

    Thank you so much again!


  7. M says:

    Ordered bromide pairs from the KNB Overdrive stage play. My questions were answered quickly, her pricing is the best I’ve seen around, and the package safely arrived in the Philippines. Thank you! Jose is highly recommended. Hoping to order from you again 😀


  8. Ordered a pamphlet of ensemble stars on stage judge of knights. The booklet arrived very fast even at the cheapest shipping. the pricing was good, and answers by mail were very quick. the service is very trust worthy !


  9. I ordered Ensemble Stars Stage and also JP Online Store order.Thank you for the services and your kindness for answering my question patiently.The package always arrived safely.Very recommended.
    I would definitely buy from her again.

    Thank you so much, Ms.Josie !


  10. Tari says:

    I ordered the pamphlet and 4 bromide sets from the Engeki Haikyuu: The Start of the Giant. The items arrived in about a week, in perfect condition! Communication was stellar, really fast, and the prices were very reasonable. Highly recommended! I’ll definitely return again. 😀 Thank you for a pleasant experience, Josie!


  11. chimera5xg says:

    I ordered the pamphlet and all 33 bromide sets from Engeki Haikyuu Start of the Giant. They arrived in about a week and everything was perfect. I’ll be ordering again! Thank you~


  12. M says:

    Back again to use Josie’s proxy buying service, this time for Joker Trap and Haikyuu!!. The package arrived here in excellent condition exactly one week after you mailed it. Thanks again 🙂


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