Goods Order: Touken Ranbu Store


I am taking orders for the Touken Ranbu Store, which will be in Nagoya from January 20th to February 4th. I will be able to visit the store most days during this time so will try and buy them as the orders come in, but the order and payment deadline will be February 1st.

The total of your order will be the total goods price (please note that the prices listed on the site do not include tax, so you need to add 8% to get the correct price) plus a service charge of 15%. This does not include shipping to you, which will be charged to you after I send the goods. Please note that I am unable to estimate shipping costs, but am willing to cater to your budget in how I send them to you.

You can find a list of the goods available on the store’s website here:


  • The cushions (both large and small version) are not in stock in the store and are available by reservation only. They will be available some time in March, although they have not specified the date yet. I am willing to keep hold of any other part of your order until the cushions are available so I can ship everything together.
  • Items that have “※ブラインド商品” written underneath the description are random goods and you cannot choose the one you want.
  • If any goods are sold out when I go to the store, I will refund you in full for that part of your order.

If you want to order, please send me an email to with a list and image previews of the goods you would like.


Goods Order: Past Engeki Haikyuu goods


Animate Online is selling remaining goods from the previous Engeki Haikyuu stages and also Gekidan Haikyuu. I will be taking orders for these items.

You can find a list and prices of the items on the Animate website here. Items with a box with a grey background beside the quantity select box are sold out so I am unable to order these items.

The total of your order will be the cost of goods + shipping to me (468 yen) + 15% service charge.

Payment is by Paypal only (in Japanese yen) and you will be responsible for Paypal fees. There will be two rounds of payments for your order. The first payment will be for the cost of the goods, and the second will be for shipping. Shipping will only be charged after I send the package to you, so I can invoice you accurately. Please note I cannot give shipping cost estimates, but I am willing to cater to your budget in how I send your package to you.

If you wish to order goods, please send me an email to with your order. If you have any questions please comment on this post so others can see the answer too. Once I receive your order, I will reply with your total and payment details.

Here is a list of my current/upcoming orders. I am happy to combine shipping.

Current Order Master Post

I put together this master post of all of my current and upcoming orders, to make it easier for people to find things they might want to buy. Most links lead to pages in my blog, but for any orders that link to the an outside page rather than my own blog, please email me at to buy.

Ongoing Orders

Current Limited Time Orders

Upcoming Orders

  • Rice on Stage Fes
  • Dance with Devils Musical
  • Touken Ranbu Musical Spring 2018

Possible Orders (if I get tickets…)

  • B Project Stage
  • Kuroko no Basuke Stage
  • Ochanomizu Rock
  • Touken Ranbu Summer Stage
  • Dangan Ronpa Stage

Surugaya Orders

I’ve done this for a few people already, so I decided to put up a post with details in case anyone is interested in using this service.

Surugaya is an online resale site that sells many different goods, including goods for anime and stage. Amongst these are many goods that are usually randomised, so if you’re looking for goods for a certain character or actor, this is a great place to look! Surugaya does not ship outside Japan, so this is a good opportunity to get goods you might not be able to get elsewhere.

My service charge is 15% of the total of your order.

Please note that shipping through Surugaya is free if you spend 1500 yen or more, if you spend below this you will also be responsible for the shipping charge from the store to myself.

How to order

  1. Send me an email to telling me what you are looking for. Either you can send me direct links from the site (preferred) or if you are unable to search the site, then please let me know what you are looking for and I will search for you and send the links to you to check.
  2. I will go through all the items, put them in my shopping cart, and give you a total for the order including my service charge. You can then let me know if you wish to go ahead with the order or not and I will give you payment details.
  3. Once your payment has been sent, I will complete the transaction from Surugaya and wait for the items to be shipped to me. Sometimes this can take up to a week or very occasionally longer, so please be aware of this.
  4. When the items arrive to me, I will forward them on to you using your preferred shipping method.

























  1. I will give you the total price for the goods with service charge, and you can confirm to me if you want to go ahead with the order. I will then require payment of the total through Paypal.
  2. I will order goods through the site, and let you know when they have shipped to me. This usually takes around a week, but can sometimes take longer so please be aware of this.
  3. I will ship the goods to you and you will then be required to pay for the shipping cost (I cannot give shipping prices until after I send the items to you, but I am willing to cater to your budget in how I send the package).

Order: Touken Ranbu Store


I will be taking one last trip to the Touken Ranbu store in Tokyo before it closes on January 31st, and will be taking orders for the goods sold there. I will be going on the weekend of January 14th/15th.

You can find a list and previews of all of the goods available on the website. Because there are so many goods, I’m not going to list them all individually here but if you have any questions or confirmation on what anything is, then please feel free to ask me.

The prices on the website do not have tax included. To calculate the total price please add 8% onto the price listed there.

Please note that some goods (the ones with the pink box reading トレーディング商品) are randomised and so I will not be taking orders for them unless you do not mind who you get, as I won’t have time to trade on the day.

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[Order] SLF Online Shop

I’m going to be making an order through this site before December 4th,, and so I’m opening up orders to anyone who would like to join in the order. This will make the order cheaper for everyone, as the bank transfer fees and shipping will be split between everyone in the order. This site only ships within Japan, so feel free to use this as a chance to get items you may not be able to get easily otherwise!

The site includes photobooks, calendars, photos and DVDs of various actors. You can search the site by specific actor losing the menu on the left of the site, but here are the categories:

Order details

The deadline for orders is November 30th, and payment will be due by the end of this day, as I have to transfer the money and make the order before December 4th.

The total price will be: item cost + 15% service charge + bank transfer fee/shipping split between participants + shipping to your address.

(Shipping will be charged separately once I send the items to you, so I can charge you accurately for it)

If you are interested in ordering something from the site, please contact me through Twitter or Tumblr or send me an email at xxrocketdive[at]