Animate Orders

As I live close to a large Animate where I can have online orders delivered, I am willing to take orders for anything available on the Animate Online Store, including things currently up for pre-order.

If you purchase through me, the total cost will be:

Your order total + 15% service charge + Paypal fees (if necessary) + Shipping to your address.

Payment is through Paypal only. Shipping will only be charged to you after the item is sent, to allow me to give you an accurate price. You can choose from EMS, registered airmail, or regular airmail depending on your budget.

How ordering will work:

  1. Send me an email to telling me the item(s) you are interested in.
  2. I will confirm the total price (excluding shipping) with you.
  3. Once you confirm you want to go ahead with the order, your payment will be due.
  4. I will order the item(s) or buy them directly from the store once I have received the full payment from you.
  5. Once I receive the items, I will ship them to you and tell you the shipping cost.
  6. Shipping payment will be due after this.

Notes regarding blind box items:

  • I will not take orders for individual items from blind boxes, as I cannot guarantee to get the one you want.
  • However, I will take orders for full boxes.
  • I will also open group orders on request but these will only go ahead if I can find someone to claim each item from the box.