[CLOSED] Goods Order: Daiya no Ace The Live 5

I’ll be going to the theatre between September 23rd and September 24th to pick up goods for the Daiya no Ace stage.

Payment is by Paypal only (in Japanese yen) and you will be responsible for Paypal fees. There will be two rounds of payments for your order. The first payment will be for the cost of the goods, and the second will be for shipping. Shipping will only be charged after I send the package to you, so I can invoice you accurately. Please note I cannot give shipping cost estimates, but I am willing to cater to your budget in how I send your package to you.

If you wish to order goods, please send me an email to areyoumonster@gmail.com with your order. If you have any questions please comment on this post so others can see the answer too. Once I receive your order, I will reply with your total and payment details.

Here is a list of my current/upcoming orders. I am happy to combine shipping.

The deadline for all orders and payments is the end of Wednesday September 20th (Japan time).

Note: The website states there is a limit of 3 per item for all goods except for trading goods which have a limit of 10, per transaction. I have not yet decided if I am going to accept orders above this, since I would have to go through the line twice. For now, I’m going to see how much order interest I get, and will decide once something hits the limit. If I do decide to limit, then it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Here are the available goods:


You can see the official site’s PDF of the goods for a larger preview. Just don’t confuse the prices there with the ones listed below)

  1. Pamphlet: 3000 yen
  2. Random badges: 400 yen each [sent sealed, you cannot choose]
  3. Bromide set (Sawamura): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  4. Bromide set (Furuya): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  5. Bromide set (Miyuki): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  6. Bromide set (Haruichi): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  7. Bromide set (Kuramochi): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  8. Bromide set (Ryosuke): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  9. Bromide set (Narumiya): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  10. Bromide set (3rd years): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  11. Bromide set (Inashiro): 1200 yen [5 photos]
  12. Clearfile (Sawamura set): 1000 yen
  13. Clearfile (Furuya set): 1000 yen
  14. Clearfile (Miyuki set): 1000 yen
  15. Clearfile (1st/2nd year set): 1000 yen
  16. Clearfile (Niyuukan set): 1000 yen
  17. Clearfile (Inashiro set): 1000 yen
  18. Trading Bromides: 250 yen [sent sealed, you cannot choose]
  19. Random Pair Acrylic Keyholders: 700 yen [sent sealed, you cannot choose]
  20. Twin Bat Megaphone: 1800 yen
  21. T-shirt: Seido: 3500 yen
  22. T-shirt: Inashiro: 3500 yen

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