Current Order Master Post

I put together this master post of all of my current and upcoming orders, to make it easier for people to find things they might want to buy. Most links lead to pages in my blog, but for any orders that link to the an outside page rather than my own blog, please email me at to buy.

Ongoing Orders

Current Limited Time Orders

Upcoming Orders

  • Dance with Devils Musical
  • Touken Ranbu Musical Spring 2018
  • Ochanomizu Rock
  • B Project Stage
  • Osomatsu Stage
  • Joker Trap

Possible Orders (if I get tickets…)

  • Rice on Stage ~I’ll give you Rice~
  • Haikyuu Spring Stage
  • Kuroko no Basuke Stage
  • Touken Ranbu Summer Stage
  • Dangan Ronpa Stage
  • Show By Rock June

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