[Group Order] Ensemble Stars Chankore mascot


I am taking pre-orders for these new Ensemble Stars Chankore mascots which will be released on August 30th. You can choose which character you want, and each will be 1500 yen plus shipping from Japan to your country (I cannot estimate shipping prices, but I can cater to your budget in how I send them).

If you are interested, please send an email to areyoumonster@gmail.com and let me know which character(s) you would like. I will get back to you ASAP to confirm. The deadline for pre-orders is Thursday July 20th.

Once the deadline has passed, I will then go to the store and pre-order the items. Only then will I ask for your payment (this is in case they happen to close pre-orders as they do sometimes if they meet a certain number). The deadline for all payments will be August 15th. If I do not receive your payment by then, I will offer your order to someone else. Please note that although I say this, if you pre-order I DO expect you to pay as once I have pre-ordered I have to buy the items regardless, so please do not ask me to pre-order unless you are serious about wanting it.

If you would like any other items from Animate I am happy to combine orders/shipping. Details of my order service for Animate can be found here.


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