Surugaya Orders

I’ve done this for a few people already, so I decided to put up a post with details in case anyone is interested in using this service.

Surugaya is an online resale site that sells many different goods, including goods for anime and stage. Amongst these are many goods that are usually randomised, so if you’re looking for goods for a certain character or actor, this is a great place to look! Surugaya does not ship outside Japan, so this is a good opportunity to get goods you might not be able to get elsewhere.

My service charge is 15% of the total of your order.

Please note that shipping through Surugaya is free if you spend 1500 yen or more, if you spend below this you will also be responsible for the shipping charge from the store to myself.

How to order

  1. Send me an email to telling me what you are looking for. Either you can send me direct links from the site (preferred) or if you are unable to search the site, then please let me know what you are looking for and I will search for you and send the links to you to check.
  2. I will go through all the items, put them in my shopping cart, and give you a total for the order including my service charge. You can then let me know if you wish to go ahead with the order or not and I will give you payment details.
  3. Once your payment has been sent, I will complete the transaction from Surugaya and wait for the items to be shipped to me. Sometimes this can take up to a week or very occasionally longer, so please be aware of this.
  4. When the items arrive to me, I will forward them on to you using your preferred shipping method.

























  1. I will give you the total price for the goods with service charge, and you can confirm to me if you want to go ahead with the order. I will then require payment of the total through Paypal.
  2. I will order goods through the site, and let you know when they have shipped to me. This usually takes around a week, but can sometimes take longer so please be aware of this.
  3. I will ship the goods to you and you will then be required to pay for the shipping cost (I cannot give shipping prices until after I send the items to you, but I am willing to cater to your budget in how I send the package).

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