Goods order: Ensemble Stars x Lawson

I am taking pre-orders for the special Ensemble Stars x Lawson goods that are being sold in-store and online. I plan to make the order on May 6th, therefore I will require all orders and payments to be with me by May 5th to allow me time to transfer the money.

I understand that this is not much time but there is a chance some items will sell out and I want to ensure I can get the goods everyone wants. I will be keeping an eye on the site to check if any goods have sold out so I can keep everyone informed. If you are unable to pay before this date, I may be able to do a second order later if there are goods remaining, so please let me know.

The total price of your goods will be the price listed in the images below plus my service charge of 15%. Once I ship out your items, I will then charge the shipping fee. Please be aware that I am unable to estimate shipping fees, but can cater to your budget in how I send the goods (by SAL/Airmail registered or unregistered, or by EMS). Payment is by Paypal and you will be responsible for any Paypal fees.

To order, please send an email to Once I receive your email, I will reply with the total and payment details.


  • The actual release of the goods is July 26th. Please be aware of this.
  • The badges are NOT being sold individually through web sales. Instead they are being sold in unit sets (please see the second picture). To see the total price for each set, you can find them on this page.
  • The PVC straps are NOT available through the web store, please do not order.
  • All 36 cushions are available through the web store.

Here are the goods previews:



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