Goods Order: Super Dangan Ronpa 2: The Stage

I will be attending the Super Dangan Ronpa 2 stage on Saturday March 25th, and will be taking orders for goods.

Payment is by Paypal only (in Japanese yen) and you will be responsible for Paypal fees. There will be two rounds of payments for your order. The first payment will be for the cost of the goods, and the second will be for shipping. Shipping will only be charged after I send the package to you, so I can invoice you accurately. Please note I cannot give shipping cost estimates, but I am willing to cater to your budget in how I send your package to you.

If you wish to order goods, please send me an email to with your order. If you have any questions please comment on this post so others can see the answer too. Once I receive your order, I will reply with your total and payment details.

The deadline for all orders and payments is the end of Wednesday March 22nd, Japan time. If I do not receive your payment by then, your order will be cancelled.

Here is the list of goods available. Please note that some photos have no visuals yet, but I will update when they add them.


  • PAMPHLET: 2000 yen
  • VISUAL GUIDE: 3500 yen
  • SET (pamphlet & visual guide): 5000 yen



  • T-SHIRT (white): 3500 yen
    (comes in S, M, L & XL sizes, please specify)
  • T-SHIRT (black): 3500 yen
    (comes in S, M, L & XL sizes, please specify)



  • TOTE BAG: 700 yen


  • TICKET HOLDER: 1700 yen



  • BROMIDE SET (Hajime Hinata/Yokohama Ryusei) A: 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Hajime Hinata/Yokohama Ryusei) B: 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Chiaki Nanami/Ito Momoka) A: 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Chiaki Nanami/Ito Momoka) B: 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Gundam Tanaka/Inoue Masahiro): 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Kazuichi Soda/Ishida Issei): 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu/Ueda Keisuke) A: 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu/Ueda Keisuke) B: 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Ibuki Mioda/Inami Anju): 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Akane Owari/Takahashi Yuu): 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Teruteru Hanamura/Sanpei): 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Nekomaru Nidai/Onigiri): 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Mikan Tsumiki/Kuramochi Yuka): 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Mikan Tsumiki/Takano Yui): 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Sonia Nevermind/Nakada Kurumi): 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Togami Byakuya/Nishi Yosuke): 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Hiyoko Saionji/Mizukoshi Ayumi): 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Pekoyama Peko/Hamagashira Yu): 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Mahiru Koizumi/Hachiya Ami): 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Mahiru Koizumi/Yamaguchi Maki): 670 yen


  • BROMIDE SET (Nagito Komaeda/Suzuki Hiroki) A: 670 yen
  • BROMIDE SET (Nagito Komaeda/Suzuki Hiroki) B: 670 yen


  • A4 BROMIDE (Hajime Hinata/Yokohama Ryusei) A: 1200 yen
  • A4 BROMIDE (Hajime Hinata/Yokohama Ryusei) B: 1200 yen


  • A4 BROMIDE (Chiaki Nanami/Ito Momoka): 1200 yen
  • A4 BROMIDE (Gundam Tanaka/Inoue Masahiro: 1200 yen


  • A4 BROMIDE (Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu/Ueda Keisuke) A: 1200 yen
  • A4 BROMIDE (Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu/Ueda Keisuke) B: 1200 yen


  • A4 BROMIDE (Ibuki Mioda/Inami Anju): 1200 yen
  • A4 BROMIDE (Akane Owari/Takahashi Yuu): 1200 yen


  • A4 BROMIDE (Mikan Tsumiki/Kuramochi Yuka): 1200 yen
  • A4 BROMIDE (Mikan Tsumiki/Takano Yui): 1200 yen


  • A4 BROMIDE (Sonia Nevermind/Nakada Kurumi): 1200 yen
  • A4 BROMIDE (Kazuichi Soda/Ishida Issei): 1200 yen


  • A4 BROMIDE (Nagito Komaeda/Suzuki Hiroki) A: 1200 yen
  • A4 BROMIDE (Nagito Komaeda/Suzuki Hiroki) B: 1200 yen



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