Ensemble Stars Manjuu Box 3 – Update 2

unnamed (4).jpg

Good news! I now have both the Animate and Kotobukiya 3rd boxes in my apartment (they were finally released on January 31st), and have opened everything up and confirmed the contents. Therefore, I’m ready to ship everyone’s manjuus out to them.

If there is any change to the shipping address you gave me when you first made your payment, please let me know this week. I will be shipping all packages between Wednesday and Friday of next week, so if I do not hear from you before Tuesday night I will assume the address I have is correct. There are a couple of people I am missing addresses for, but I will ask you individually if this is the case.

I will contact you again with the shipping cost once I mail your package. Please note that once I have shipped the packages to you, I will expect shipping payment ASAP. I use my own money to pay the shipping in advance, so obviously I would appreciate it back as soon as possible. If there are any issues or you would prefer me to wait before shipping, please let me know.

Other items

I have a few Ensemble Stars goods that I have collected through random boxes and gacha and am willing to sell. If anyone would like to add any of these items to their package, please let me know. I will combine the shipping payment and the cost of the item so you can make one payment. Again, please let me know by Sunday at the latest.

Badges – 400 yen each


Manjuu – 750 yen each


Rubber straps – 500 yen


Knights mini poster-board – 500 yen



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