Group Order: Kuroko no Basuke mascots

Hello everyone! I’m putting together a group order for Kuroko no Basuke mascots which will be released in March 2017.


  • Kuroko Tetsuya
  • Kagami Taiga
  • Midorima Shintaro
  • Takao Kazunari
  • Akashi Seijuro
  • Kise Ryota
  • Kasamatsu Yukio
  • Aomine Daiki
  • Murasakibara Atsushi
  • Himura Tatsuya

Each mascot will be 900 yen. The only other cost to yourself will be shipping from me to your address, which will only be charged once I send the mascot to you so I can invoice you accurately.

NOTE: If the character you want is claimed, please feel free to contact me anyway. If I get enough interest for another order I am happy to buy a second box.

I am also running a group order for the Kuroko no Basuke manjuu, which you can see here. I am happy to combine shipping.

Here is how the order will work:

  1. Send me a message through Tumblr, or through my Twitter (@tonbo), or email me at xxrocketdive(at), and let me know which you are interested in. Please choose the method where I can contact you the easiest.
  2. I will then cross out that name on the list above and keep a note of your details.
  3. So long as I manage to get enough interest to fill all of the slots (or if I decide to keep the extras myself) then the order will go ahead
  4. Your payment will be due once I have confirmed the order will go ahead,and the payment deadline will be March 1st, as the boxes will be released in March.
  5. I will receive the box, and ship the items out.
  6. I will then let you know and ask you to pay the shipping cost.

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