Goods Order: Seigaku vs Rokkaku

I’ll be attending Tenimyu’s Seigaku vs Rokkaku in Osaka on January 8th, and in Nagoya on January 20th/21st/22nd, and will be taking orders for goods.

Payment is by Paypal only and you will be responsible for Paypal fees if necessary. Shipping will be invoiced separately and only when I ship the goods to you so I can give you an accurate price (I cannot give shipping quotes as it is based on weight).

As I will be going twice, there are two deadlines:

  • Osaka – January 5th (Japan time)
  • Nagoya – January 18th (Japan time)

If you would like to order goods, you can email me (xxrocketdive[at], or contact me on Tumblr (@josiesells) or Twitter (@tonbo).

Note: I’m going to be travelling during Sunday and Monday of next week (December 18th and 20th) so if I don’t get back to you during that time, that’s why! I will contact you back as soon as I have internet access again on Tuesday.

Here are the goods and prices:


Poster – 700 yen
Note: I ship all posters in a cardboard poster tube. This will cost an extra 600 yen and if you have a big order, the poster will be shipped separately (unless the other goods are small enough to fit in the tube). Please be aware of this when ordering.


Pamphlet – 2200 yen


Shopping bag – 500 yen



These are random items but can be bought in team sets. Please see the price below.

  • Individual (in a closed packet, you cannot choose who you get) – 700 yen each
  • Seigaku Team Set – 7000 yen
  • Hyotei Team Set – 6300 yen
  • Rokkaku Team Set – 4900 yen

If there is someone you do particularly want, please let me know. If I can find takers for each member in a team set, I can buy one and split it.


Cast Produced Goods

  • Original Bath set (contains a vinyl pouch, hand towel, and bath salts in mint and strawberry milk scent) – 2600 yen
  • Original comb set – 1000 yen
  • Original Glass – 4200 yen




There is one photoset for each character. If you buy one of the team sets it comes with the calendar you can see to the right of the previews above.

  • Individual sets – 600 yen each
  • Seigaku Team set – 6000 yen
  • Hyotei Team Set – 5400 yen
  • Rokkaku Team Set – 4200 yen

Please note that by the Nagoya shows (and possibly by the Osaka one there should also be an extra photoset for each character containing 2 photos. There are not previews of these but they will be 400 yen each, so let me know if you want that one too.


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