Goods order: Ensemble Stars on Stage

I will be going to watch Ensemble Stars ~Take your Mark~ in Osaka on January 27th, and will be taking orders for goods. As I’m posting this order so early, there are not yet previews for most of the goods. I will be updating this post (and my Ensemble Stars on Stage blog @enstarsstage when previews are available. There is plenty of time before the deadline so please feel free to wait if you would like to see what the goods look like.

Payment is by Paypal and you will be responsible for paying Paypal fees. Shipping will only be charged once I send your goods, so I can invoice you accurately. The payment deadline is January 24th. There is a big chance I will be in Tokyo for the show on January 14th too, so if you get your payment in more quickly, there is a chance I will be able to get your goods earlier.

You can contact me by email (xxrocketdive[at] or on Tumblr (@josiesells) or Twitter (@tonbo) if you would like to order.

  • Pamphlet – 2600 yen


  • Photosets – 670 yen each*


* There is one photoset per character (see here for the cast list). Each set contains 3 photos.  They are all actor’s character visuals. One photo is in their unit clothing, one in their school uniform, and a third in a designated school outfit.

  • Penlight – 3000 yen

penlight (1).jpg

Trading Goods

As these goods are random, I am not taking orders for them. However, if you order something else from me and would like randoms, feel free to let me know who you want. I will be buying some myself while I am there, and am willing to set aside things for people if I get them. Please note though that if I manage to get these items for you I WILL expect you to buy them, as I will be buying extras myself to replace them.

These are the trading goods and their prices:

  • Trading Bromides: 250 yen each (three different varieties for each character).


  • Trading Key Holder: 700 yen each

aku_ky (2).jpg

  • Trading can badge: 600 yen each


  • IC Card stickers: 1400 yen each

sticker (1).jpg


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