GO: Ensemble Stars Omanjuu (2) – Update 1

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the 2nd Group Order for the Ensemble Stars Omanjuu. I’m happy to announce that the order will be going ahead. Every character has been claimed except for Mashiro Tomoya and Shino Hajime. If you wish to add either of these to your order, or know someone who may be interested in them, please let me know, but for now I have ordered the box from Kotobukiya. This is the confirmation:


Please check the list below to ensure there are no mistakes with your claim, as I will be using this list to assist me in shipping out the orders.

Sakuma Rei @kiwimemer
Otogari Adonis @turtleservant
Hasumi Keito @byregot
Kiryu Kuro @_koru_ru
Sena Izumi @byregot
Aoi Yuuta @chococookies_ld
Aoi Hinata @chococookies_ld
Mashiro Tomoya
Shino Hajime
BONUS: @totokira



From now, I will be taking payments from everyone involved in the order. Prices are the following:

  • 1 character: 750 yen
  • 2 characters: 1500 yen

As the box is set to be released in November, the deadline for payments is November 1st. I may extend this deadline once the release date is set, but for now, please try and pay as soon as possible.

Please be aware that if you cannot make payment within the deadline, I will open up your character for claims again, unless you discuss it with me beforehand.

My Paypal address is: ubbr33nrdy(at)i.softbank.jp. Please send the payment as a personal payment if possible, as this will avoid any fees from Paypal (any fees that occur will be added to your shipping charge later). In the notes section of your payment page, please include your screen name, and the character(s) you are purchasing so I can do a match.

Once you have sent your payment, please let me know your name and address for shipping purposes, and choose from the following shipping methods to allow a smooth process when I come to ship the goods. All shipping costs will include a 108 yen charge for packaging. Please note that I cannot give exact shipping prices for airmail/registered mail until items are actually shipped:

  • Regular Airmail (no tracking, cheapest)
  • Registered Airmail (regular airmail price + 410 yen charge for tracking)
  • EMS (tracking, ensured, most expensive) PRICE CHART – 99% confidence it’ll be the 500g prices


If anyone would like anything from Animate Online to be shipped along with your omanjuu, then I am currently accepting orders from the store. Please see this page for details (please note that the 15% service charge for total order will not include the omanjuu, as I already set a fixed price for those). For those interested in more Ensemble Star goods, they have a special page listing everything here, but any fandom is fine!

Aside from that, as this group order is running smoothly, I am willing to open up group orders for other blind box sets, so if you have any requests as to what you would like to see (again, any fandom is fine!), please let me know! Again, orders will only go ahead if all slots are filled, and as with regular Animate orders, a 15% charge will be added to each item.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks to everyone for your participation so far. 🙂


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