GO: Ensemble Stars Omanjuu (2) – Update 1

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the 2nd Group Order for the Ensemble Stars Omanjuu. I’m happy to announce that the order will be going ahead. Every character has been claimed except for Mashiro Tomoya and Shino Hajime. If you wish to add either of these to your order, or know someone who may be interested in them, please let me know, but for now I have ordered the box from Kotobukiya. This is the confirmation:


Please check the list below to ensure there are no mistakes with your claim, as I will be using this list to assist me in shipping out the orders.

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Group Order: Ensemble Stars omanjuu (2)

As I had a request to open another group order for the Kotobukiya version of the 2nd EnStars omanjuu box, I’m opening this second order.

Each omanjuu will cost 750 yen. The other charge will be shipping to you (from Japan), which will only be charged after the item is sent so I can invoice you accurately (you can choose from regular airmail, registered airmail, or EMS). The items are only small so the shipping cost shouldn’t be huge.

  1. Send me a message through Tumblr, or through my Twitter (@tonbo), or email me at xxrocketdive(at)gmail.com, and let me know which you are interested in. Please choose the method where I can contact you the easiest.
  2. I will then cross out that name on the list below and keep a note of your details.
  3. So long as I manage to get enough interest to fill all of the slots (or if I decide to keep the extras myself) then the order will go ahead
  4. Your payment will be due once I have confirmed the order will go ahead, and the payment deadline will be November 1st, as the box will be released in November.
  5. I will receive the box, and ship the items out.
  6. I will then let you know and ask you to pay the shipping cost.

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