GO: Ensemble Stars Omanjuu – Update 2

I received an email from Animate this morning with an update on the release date of the 1st box. Originally they specified “within October” but now they’ve finally announced an official release date of October 30th. It’s a little later than I had hoped for, for everyone’s sakes, but it’s at least nice to know when I’ll be able to get it. Given my schedule at that time I estimate that I will be able to pick up the box on Monday October 31st, and should ship to those with only items in this box by November 4th.

Because of this announcement, for those who have items in the first box and haven’t sent their payment yet, I will increase the payment deadline by one week, meaning the new deadline is October 14th (I don’t want to extend it by too much, as I need to try and find homes for any extras if people do not pay/drop out). Please check the details on my previous update if necessary.

A few other notes:

  • If anyone is also interested in Idolish7, I opened a group order for their omanjuu chains too, as well as for their mochi mochi mascots. Please visit my post about the order here for more details. I’m happy to combine orders from both orders and ship items together.
  • I’m still taking extra Animate orders for those who want other goods to be sent along with the omanjuu. This is not limited to Ensemble Stars and is open to any fandom. As a side note, I also take orders from other online stores that don’t ship internationally.
  • I have a few extra Ensemble Stars items that I have gotten from blind boxes myself and do not want (I have no luck and barely ever get who I want… If anyone wants a group order for those badges or towels, that would help me a lot, haha). See below:


  • Hand towel (Yuzuru Fushimi): 500 yen
  • Badges (left 4): 350 yen each
  • Karatetsu collab Mashiro Tomoya badge: 500 yen
  • Ichiban Kuji Izumi Sena strap: 600 yen
  • EnStars Stage badges: 300 yen each

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