[Group Order] Idolish7 mascots & omanjuu

Since my previous group order for the EnStars versions of these has been working out so well, I decided to make a new group order for the Idolish7 ones, as well as for the mochi mochi mascots. I’m only interested in one character myself so the others are open for claiming.

The prices are:

  • Mochi mochi mascot: 900 yen each
  • Omanjuu: 750 yen each

The other charge will be shipping to you (from Japan), which will only be charged after the item is sent so I can invoice you accurately (you can choose from regular airmail, registered airmail, or EMS). The items are only small so the shipping cost shouldn’t be huge.

As the boxes are all released at different times, if you wish to reserve characters from multiple boxes, you can choose to have them all shipped at once once the last box is released, or I can ship them individually if you want the items as soon as they are released. Please note though that FULL payment will be required for all items before the deadline for the first box you have items in.

I live close to an Animate, and am able to pick up the boxes on the days of release (which has not yet been fixed) and ship them ASAP after that.

How the order will work:

  1. Send me a message through Tumblr, or through my Twitter (@tonbo), comment on this entry or email me at xxrocketdive(at)gmail.com, and let me know which you are interested in. Please choose the method where I can contact you the easiest (comments and contact form will be replied to via email).
  2. I will then cross out that name on the list and keep a note of your details.
  3. So long as I manage to get enough interest to fill all of the slots (or if I decide to keep the extras myself) then the order will go ahead
  4. Your payment will be due once I have confirmed the order will go ahead, with the deadline being the 1st of the release date month.
  5. I will pick up the boxes on the release dates, split them, and ship them to your address.
  6. I will then ask you to pay the shipping cost.

Mochi Mochi Mascots (released in November)

resize_image (5).jpg

  1. Iori Izumi
  2. Yamato Nikaido
  3. Mitsuki Izumi
  4. Tamaki Yotsuba
  5. Sogo Osaka
  6. Nagi Rokuya
  7. Riku Nanase
  8. Gaku Yaotome
  9. Tenn Kujo
  10. Ryunosuke Tsunashi

Omanjuu Box 1 (Released in December)

  1. Iori Izumi
  2. Sogo Osaka
  3. Riku Nanase
  4. Tenn Kujo
  5. Ryunosuke Tsunashi
  6. Momo
  7. Ogami Banri
  8. Kinako
  9. Tenn Kujo [“Hmm…” version]

Omanjuu Box 2 (released in January)

  1. Yamato Nikaido
  2. Mitsuki Izumi
  3. Tamaki Yotsuba
  4. Nagi Rokuya
  5. Yaotome Gaku
  6. Yuki
  7. Tsumugi Takanashi
  8. Ousama Purin
  9. Yaotome Gaku [wink version]



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