[Stage Order] Yowamushi Pedal

I’ll be going to see Yowamushi Pedal ~Hakone Academy New Generation – Start up~ at Osaka’s Orix Theater on Saturday October 8th, and will be taking orders for goods if anyone is interested.

Payment is through Paypal only, and you will be responsible for the Paypal fees if they occur. The deadline for orders/payment will be the end of Thursday October 6th (Japan time).

Shipping will be charged separately once the goods are sent out to you, and you can choose from the following shipping methods:

  • Regular Airmail
  • Registered Airmail
  • EMS

If you are interested in making an order, please contact me on Twitter, Tumblr, comment on this entry, or send a contact form through my blog.

Regular Goods


  • Pamphlet – 2500 yen


  • Bromide Sets – 700 yen each*


  • Bromide full-set – 8400 yen**

* There are 12 different sets, one for each cast member. Each set includes three photos, two in-character and one of the actor.

** If you buy the full-set, which includes all 12 bromide sets, you will also receive a special larger photo which I posted above.



  • Bag – 700 yen


Random Goods

I will be taking orders for the random goods, if anyone would like them. However, as these are random I cannot guarantee the character you want and probably won’t have time to trade at the venue. Therefore, I will not be opening these before sending them to you. Please do not order these if you would not be happy to possibly get a character you do not want.

  • Trading badges – 250 yen each
  • Trading key holders – 700 yen each
  • Trading bromides – 250 yen each

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