Sales: Other anime/game

I’m selling these anime/game items from my collection. All items are new and most of them still wrapped in their plastic. Payment is through Paypal, and you will be responsible for the Paypal fees if necessary, and also shipping to your address (the items are all small, so shipping shouldn’t be expensive).

If you are interested in anything, you can contact me through myTumblrTwitter or through thecontact form on this site, or alternatively you can comment on this entry. If you have any questions, or want better/bigger pictures of anything, please feel free to ask.


Super Dangan Ronpa 2 key holders: 300 yen each


  • Large  badge: 500 yen
  • Rubber key holders: 300 yen
  • JUMP Shop pin badge: 1000 yen


Durarara!! Key holders: 300 yen each


Touken Ranbu rubber strap: 500 yen


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