[Order] SLF Online Shop

I’m going to be making an order through this site before December 4th,, and so I’m opening up orders to anyone who would like to join in the order. This will make the order cheaper for everyone, as the bank transfer fees and shipping will be split between everyone in the order. This site only ships within Japan, so feel free to use this as a chance to get items you may not be able to get easily otherwise!

The site includes photobooks, calendars, photos and DVDs of various actors. You can search the site by specific actor losing the menu on the left of the site, but here are the categories:

Order details

The deadline for orders is November 30th, and payment will be due by the end of this day, as I have to transfer the money and make the order before December 4th.

The total price will be: item cost + 15% service charge + bank transfer fee/shipping split between participants + shipping to your address.

(Shipping will be charged separately once I send the items to you, so I can charge you accurately for it)

If you are interested in ordering something from the site, please contact me through Twitter or Tumblr or send me an email at xxrocketdive[at]gmail.com.